What kinds of fields can the rotary kiln be used in?

Hongxing machinery machine production of the rotary dryer, kiln, kiln inlet seal device used advanced technology to ensure the reliability of the seal, but also to provide users with advanced efficient shaft preheater, five cyclone preheater. rotary dryer process is as follows: the raw material into the rotary dryer, the raw material by the end of the raw material library manual valve, electronically controlled pneumatic valves, electronic control flow valve in seven districts into the raw material standard positions; inflatable homogenization raw materials by the manual valve, electronically controlled pneumatic valve, electronically controlled flow valve, chute, into the tape bucket, feed preheater; rotary dryer RF5/5000 preheater, the raw material and hot air heat exchange, reach of C4A and the C4B cyclone into the calciner calcining, and then into five cyclone separation of feed gas, the material into the rotary dryer; the rotary dryer NST-calciner furnace and vent piping, three times the duct unilateral tilted into the furnace, the material from the two feed opening into the furnace, the decomposition of materials collected by the five cyclones into the rotary dryer; rotary dryer grate cooler using three sections of the grate cooler (NC39325), using the stroke hydraulic methods; grate area of 121.2m2. Dust with a grate cooler clinker in the rotary dryer head collecting the convergence of the three clinker by apron conveyor into the library.

This lime kiln tire than the rectangle round with the thicker, the temperature difference between inside and outside surface temperature stress. In the same weight, the lime kiln box-shaped wheel with rigidity is much greater than the rectangular tire, so the rational use of materials. But special attention should be follow the principle of uniform cooling rate of casting various parts of the design of lime kiln tire structure, reducing the casting stress. From the reinforcement of the role of the lime kiln, the priority should be given the box-shaped wheel with the same time, as far as possible to simplify the structure, ease of manufacturing

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