Can you tell some useful ores?

Our country powder machinery manufacturing industry should with 1025 planning policy support an opportunity to adjust powder equipment technical structure, to push on technology advance and technology innovation, advance technology and equipment modernization step by step. Increase investment in science and technology, to solve a batch of powder industrial development has great impact on the key technology and equipment modernization problem, improve equipment and product innovation capability to promote new product development and upgrade of old products, and to realize the low energy consumption, low emission, high technology content, high quality, high added value, ultrafine powder production processing and application level, has become a national science and technology development level of measuring mark. Used for superfine powder production of superfine mill and micro powder mill in the fine powder market occupies an important position.

Limestone powder raw material is limestone ore after mill for grinding depth processing and into. Our country limestone mineral resources reserves is very rich, the first in the world, is the limestone powder manufacturing country, every year a large number of limestone powder produced, grinding mill will gypsum processed into powder can be applied to other areas. Based on the use of the limestone powder can be divided into: building materials with limestone powder, chemical with lime stone powder, mould with lime stone powder, food with lime stone powder and foundry lime stone powder, etc. With the rapid development of China economy and protecting the environment in recent years to power plant desulfurization has become the power plants must process link, limestone desulfurization become the main power plant desulphurization raw material, limestone mineral relying on abundant natural and artificial resources to carry out comprehensive utilization and development of limestone powder industry is the need of construction of circular economy, attracting more and more investors.

sand making plant:

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