The design characteristics of cone crusher

Powder quartz mine and name silicon oxide, silica, soft silica, amorphous silica, class diatomaceous earth, is a kind of including SiO2 extremely pure natural particles shape quartz powder. Powder quartz with fine grain, high purity and easy processing etc., used in ceramics, electrical porcelain, glazed tile, fine ceramics, glass, paint, rubber packing and refractory materials, etc., and can make fine abrasive and polishing materials and precision foundry sand. Powder quartz has very low oil absorption rate, mixed viscosity and friction coefficient, its unique spherulite structure, and other edge shape quartz powder (silicon micro powder), compared with powder good liquidity, accumulation formation of small Angle of repose. Thus and other organic high polymer material mixed easy dispersion, mixing evenly, can obviously increase the liquidity of add material, greatly improve the construction performance. Basic material and packing can be fully dense, enhance the strength of the resin system.

Zhengzhou Hongxing heavy industry design production of cone crusher, the new concept of crushing technology, to meet the different material specifications of broken, meet the broken less grinding new process requirements. This series of machine not only broken than the big, product fine granularity uniform, and unit power consumption is low, the crushing material humidity requirements are not too big requirement, also suitable for any kind of hard brittle material, can be applied to various mineral crushing. The machine through the large engineering proved the machine in the field of mineral processing good application prospect. In the crusher industry production of saving energy and reducing consumption, and high technology content high crusher is the future crushing machinery industry a trend in the development of.With the increasing demands of construction aggregate, Hongxing iron ore screening equipment, sand making machinery has made an rapidly growth in technology, and has made great contribution to development of many mines in the world.

In addition to the use of hammer crusher raw materials, hammer head manufacturing quality, structure design, technical parameters and feeding condition and so on all is affects the service life of crusher factors. Hongxing industry has a number of high-tech team of engineers, in reference to the domestic and international advanced technology, based on different type of crusher, take customer easy to use as the starting point, independent research and development manufacturing crusher, mill and related accessories to meet different customer needs.

portable rock crusher:

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