What kinds of materials can be used to make hammer head?

According to media reports, the ministry of land and resources in after 28 years to restart the national find ore, show mining machinery equipment share will face a new round of industry demand, especially drilling, field found ore, and many other equipment. Jiangxi, qinghai, xinjiang and other mineral resources abundant region the comprehensive implementation of the policy guidance, and according to mine own characteristic and make a series of prospecting QuanGongLve. This is our country the development of mining enterprises to provide a good opportunity. Vico heavy industry is facing opportunity, to speed up the production high quality new preparation equipment. Vico preparation equipment mainly ball mill mineral processing equipment, magnetic separation equipment, washing and screening separation equipment, screen classification equipment, drying calcined equipment and related auxiliary equipment. Can the mineral resources separation, screening, filtration, drying, and then further grinding, manufacturing into industrial goods. Common separation method has a lot of kinds, dry cleaning, wet choose, heavy election, magnetic separation, flotation method is a common several. Vico heavy industry lead-zinc ore dressing process flow and the main technical and economic indicators have reached the advanced world level. Polymetallic sulphide ore flotation process can have great development; High basicity flotation new process and mixed concentrate asynchronous differential flotation new process successfully applied in production; Lead and zinc choose the factory without cyanide process proportion has more than 40%; Oxidation lead-zinc ore dressing made new progress, to find the right to mineral composition complex, inserting cloth grain of fine and slime big oxidation lead-zinc mineral separation process; New developed successful aniline aerofloat mineral processing reagents have capture take force strong, good selectivity, low toxicity etc; Key dressing of grinding and dosing process, realize the microcomputer control. Magnetite ore dressing equipment production line by mandibles crusher, ball mill, the sorting machine, magnetic separator, classifier and other major equipment composition, cooperate feeder, hoist, transfer machine can form a complete separation production line. This production line is characterized by high efficiency, low energy, high capacity, reasonable in economy etc.

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